Selling To UPSforLESS

We buy used UPS's from 400VA to 15,000VA (15KVA). We require that the UPS's be delivered, at your expense, to our distribution warehouse in Toronto, Canada.

If you have a sufficiently large enough quantity available, we will arrange to pickup and pay for freight. In order for us to pick up the UPS's, we require approximately 50,000 VA of UPS capacity. This could be consist of 5 UPS's of 10,000VA each or 100 UPS's of 500VA each or any other combination. This is a very general approximation so please contact us if you can have at least one or two skids/pallets of accumulated UPS's and we would be pleased to consider making the transportation arrangements at our expense.

We buy UPS's made by the following manufacturers:

  • APC
  • Liebert
  • Powerware
  • Tripp-Lite
We will consider used UPS's of other brands on a case by case basis. We will also consider new UPS's made by any manufacturer. Please send an email with details of what you have available to



We buy all UPS's "as is" and do not expect warranties or working condition commitments. We do expect that the UPS's will be physically intact without damage to the physical structure of the UPS and will not have rust.


Since we refurbish UPS's, all old lead-acid batteries are removed from all UPS's and sent to state/province certified battery recycling facilities. All non-working UPS's (minus the batteries) are sent to state/province certified electronic scrap recycling facilities. None of the materials received as part of any purchase are ever sent through the local waste stream or into local landfills or waste management depots. Additionally, UPSforLESS confirms that we do not export any of our scrap to third world countries in contravention of the Basel Convention Decisions II/12 & III/1.


We will pay for your equipment immediately upon its receipt or at the time we pick it up. Payment will be via company check or credit card or if you prefer, we can issue you with a trade-in credit that can be applied to any future purchases of any products that we sell. Trade-in credits are larger than the cash payment equivalent so if you feel that you may be a current or future buyer of UPS's, you may wish to consider taking advantage of the trade-in credit option.

Purchase Orders

We issue Purchase Orders for any equipment that we buy. No payments will be made unless a PO has been issued reflecting the details of what we have agreed to buy and the prices that we have agreed to pay. It is essential that you receive a PO from us prior to shipping us any equipment.


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