Pump Mate UPS: Power Backup for 1/3 hp to 3/4 hp Sump Pumps (SP1000)

Sump Pump Mate
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Manufacturer: UPSforLESS
Manufacturer Part No: SP1000

This is a brand new Uninterruptible Power Supply/Battery Backup unit. It is covered by the UPSforLESS 1-Year warranty and the UPSforLESS 30-day “Lemon” warranty.

The Pump Mate Uninterruptible Power Supply has been designed to keep a sump pump running in the event of a power failure. Never worry about your sump pump again. Installation is as easy is plugging the Pump Mate into the wall and plugging your sump pump into the Pump Mate UPS. That’s it!


  • Will run 1/3 hp to 3/4 hp Sump Pump
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Easy To Read Digital Display
  • 6 to 12 hours of backup depending on load and duty cycle of sump pump. Can be extended 36-48 hours of backup with the addition of BP1 Battery Packs. (All runtimes have been estimated for ½ hp sump pump operating 12 times per hour)
  • Recharges completely in 8 hours
  • Can be floor or wall mounted
  • One Year Warranty
  • Pure Sine Wave Topology
  • Zero Switchover Time
  • Start Up On Battery
  • Automatic Restart
  • Generator Compatible
Technical Specifications
    • Voltage 110/120V AC
    • Frequency 50/60 Hz
    • Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    • Power Factor >0.95
    • Receptacle NEMA 5-15R (Standard 3-prong receptacle)
    • Input Voltage Range 85-135 VAC
    • Frequency 50/60Hz
    • Amps 15.0 Max
    • Plug NEMA 5-15P (Standard 3-prong wall plug)
    Model 1/2 hp Pump 3/4 hp Pump
    SP1000 6-12 hours 4-8 hours
    SP2000 12-18 hours 8-14 hours
    SP3000 18-24 hours 12-18 hours
    SP4000 24-30 hours 16-24 hours
    SP5000 30-36 hours 20-30 hours
    SP6000 36-42 hours 24-36 hours
    • Height 23.0 inches (57.2 cm)
    • Width 17.0 inches (43.2 cm)
    • Depth 9.5 inches (24.1 cm)
    • Weight 112 lbs. (50.91 Kg.)
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