Powerware PW9120-2000, PW9120-3000, PW9125-24EBM, PW9125-48EBM Replacement Battery Kit

APC RBC12 Equivalent Replacement Battery from UPSforLESS
Our Price: $219.99
Quantity In Stock: unlimited
Manufacturer: UPSforLESS
Manufacturer Part No: URBC-PW120908

This replacement battery kit contains brand new batteries and is sold with a one-year warranty. Under normal conditions, these batteries will last from 3-5 years before needing to be replaced. This kit consists of batteries only. You will need to use existing cables, connectors and fuses to install these batteries.

This is a battery replacement kit for the following models:

  • Powerware PW9125 24V Extended Battery Module (05146502-6591)
  • Powerware PW9125 48V Extended Battery Module (05146074-6591)
  • Powerware PW9120 2000VA UPS (05147359-5501, 05147359-5591)
  • Powerware PW9120 3000VA UPS (05147360-5501, 05147360-5591)
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