A UPS is not an ideal solution for all applications and in some instances, a DC inverter will do a better job.
  • One primary application is backup power for devies that contain motors such as sump pumps, garage door openers, indoor chair lifts, aquariums with larger pumps etc. A UPS is simply not designed to support motors and either will not work or if it does, will drain the batteries very very quickly. In such an instance, a DC inverter will do a much better job as long as the size of the inverter is correct for your load.
  • A second ideal application is where backup power is required for an extended period of time. A UPS is ideally designed to support a load for up to 30 minutes. Beyond that, with a UPS, you start to pay significantly more to purchase a UPS that supports extended battery cabinets and then there is the cost of the cabinets themselves. An inverter can provide power for longer periods of time since all you need are extra batteries and batteries can be simply and cheaply purchased from your local battery outlet.
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