Compaq/HP R3000 XR UPS Replacement Battery Kit (204503-001)

UPSforLESS Replacement Battery Kit Compaq R3000XR R3000 XR
Our Price: $273.90
Quantity In Stock: unlimited
Manufacturer: UPSforLESS
Manufacturer Part No: 204503-001

All batteries are factory fresh, brand new. Please note this kit includes batteries only. You will need to install these new batteries in your UPS in exactly the same order and configuration as the existing batteries and using the existing cables and connectors.

This is a battery replacement kit for the following models:

  • HP/Compaq R3000 XR
  • HP/Compaq 192186-001
  • HP/Compaq 192187-001
  • HP/Compaq 222383-001
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