APC SmartUPS Rackmount

The SmartUPS rackmount series from APC, like the BackUPS Pro series, are a class of UPS's called line-interactive UPS's. But the primary advantage of a SmartUPS over a BackUPS Pro is the availability of a slot in the back of the UPS called a SmartSlot. This slot can accept accessory cards that expand the functionality of the UPS such as the popular AP9606 Web/SNMP management card that allows the UPS to connect directly to your local area network and allows monitoring and management of the UPS from any computer on the LAN and over the internet. Other accessory cards perform specialized functions such as humidity monitoring for example, to detect if sprinklers have activated or some other type of flooding has occurred near the UPS. Like BackUPS Pro units, SmartUPS models also have the capability of performing unattended shutdowns of PC's and servers in the event of an extended power outage.
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