208 Volt UPS's

208 Volt uninterruptible power supplies, sometimes called High Voltage uninterruptible power supplies are suitable for equipment that works on the 208V 60 Hz North American electrical standard. Note: These battery backups are NOT designed for use in countries that have 220-240 volt 50Hz power.

208 volt equipment requires special plugs and circuits. The plugs and receptacles are usually referred to as 20A or 30A twist-locks, known technically as NEMA L6-20 or NEMA L6-30 respectively. Before purchasing any of the power backup units on this page, please ensure that you have a 208 volt electrical supply. Then also ensure that the plug on the UPS will fit into the receptacle on your 208V line. A NEMA L6-20P plug will only fit into a NEMA L6-20R receptacle and an L6-30P plug will only fit into a L6-30R receptacle.

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